Ways on How to Prevent Account Take over

Whenever you take a look at an account take over then it is the one that is a form of identity theft and fraud. Gaining access to a users account is what a malicious third party will be able to do with this one. Doing various things to the account is what the hackers will be able to do with it. Whenever the hackers will gain access to someone’s account then they are the ones that will be able to send out phishing emails, steal financial information or sensitive data, change account details, and use any stolen information to access further accounts within the organization. Adressing this one can be done by you in many different ways. Once you are able to hire the right security company then it is them that will be able to employ these things.

It is addressing this one that can be done once security questions will be put into place. Once the users will be able to provide the correct password then it is the that will then need to answer pre-determined questions. Once this is done then it will effectively protect against a malicious login attempt.

Another thing that also needs to be done is you employ a two-factor authentication or (2FA). Limiting unrecognized devices or IP addresses from accessing an account is a thing that can be done by creating a separate account. This can be done even if the right password is provided.

An IP blacklisting will also be effective in doing an account take over. Wheer there will be a login attempts occurring from one IP then it is that one that is considered to be a red flag. It is a robust IP blacklist that can help in making sure that any attacks from hackers will be halted.

Another thing that can also be done to avoid an account tatke over is through device tracking. Once you are able to track and show login locations then it this you that will be able to see suspicious activities. Freezing the account right away is a thing that should be done by the experts once a login in that keeps occurring 200 miles away is detected.

Whenever you will be utilizing a WAF configuration then it is the one that is a robust web application firewall. Setting this one up is possible so that it can detect any possible account take over. Whenever you are utilizing this one then it can help identify stolen credentials, signs of brute force hacking, or botnet probing.

Once you want to avoid an account take over then it can be done through AI detection. You will find this one to be handy especially when it comes to a more sophisticated account takeover attacks. It is the advancement of AI that it is now able to determine complex account takeover attack techniques.

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